Labor and Delivery Care Team

Every person who supports you and your baby during birth has an important role to play. Begin by selecting a doctor, and then consider whether you’d like to bring a birth coach or doula, your spouse or birth partner, and then learn about the staff here at Lucile Packard Children’s Hospital Stanford who are highly trained to meet your and your newborn’s unique needs.

Your labor and delivery care team may include:

Your family and friends

Your family members are important members of your health care team. We welcome their presence and participation in your baby’s birth, and ask that they follow our visiting guidelines.

Your obstetrician

Your Labor and Delivery care is always supervised by the obstetric service you choose at the beginning of your pregnancy. Doctors who deliver at our hospital include:

  • Stanford Medicine obstetricians
  • Stanford Medicine Children’s Health network obstetricians
  • Community obstetricians

Your nurse

Our 100-percent registered nursing staff is highly experienced in labor and delivery. Your labor and delivery nurse will provide you with personalized care and attention.

Your comfort management team

Obstetric anesthesiologists are on-site and available in Labor and Delivery 24 hours a day. When you opt for a medicated labor, the team focuses on working within your birth plan to make you comfortable. If you undergo a surgical birth or C-section, our obstetric anesthesiologists also provide post-procedure pain relief with special techniques to allow you to breastfeed and care for your baby comfortably.

You may also meet an anesthesia resident. Anesthesia residents are licensed doctors who are working closely with our attending doctors to continue their medical training in anesthesiology. The attending anesthesiologist will supervise the care provided by the resident and has overall responsibility for your care.

Support staff

Your support staff in Labor and Delivery also includes: