About Our Community Classes

Stanford Medicine Children’s Health offers programs, classes, and support groups to enhance the lives of parents and children. Our Prenatal, Infant, and Child classes are designed to guide and support you through pregnancy, childbirth, and the first few moments of your growing family. Our Pre-Teen, Teen and Parent Classes offer lessons on key topics of puberty, body changes, and communication for parents and their children through adolescence. Additionally, we provide free community lectures from our clinical experts at Stanford Medicine Children’s Health to help you stay updated on how to keep your children safe and healthy.


For your convenience, we also offer an online video library, bringing health education into your home. Here you will find our latest community health education lectures and health tips from our physicians and staff. We update this collection regularly, so be sure to check for new arrivals!

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Please email LPCHCommunityClass@stanfordchildrens.org.