ROSA™ technology reduces anesthesia time and provides increased precision and safety

Making the decision for your child to undergo a neurosurgical procedure is difficult and stressful. Our pediatric neurosurgeons work at the forefront of research and technology to ensure the highest degree of precision and safety when treating their young patients.

The latest innovation in our advanced neurosurgical care is the ROSA™ robotic surgical assistant. Lucile Packard Children's Hospital Stanford is the only hospital in Northern California to offer this technology for pediatric neurosurgery. ROSA™ assists surgeons in performing minimally invasive brain surgery for childhood epilepsy and other neurologic conditions, in a safer, faster, more effective way.

Learn more about ROSA technology and how it might be right for your child. Contact us at: (650) 723-0991.

ROSA Applications

5 Ways ROSA™ advances care for children needing brain surgery:

  • ROSA™ guides surgeons in placing electrodes on the brain much faster than traditional methods. This means your child is under anesthesia for significantly less time. In some cases, anesthesia time is reduced by 80%.
  • Less time under anesthesia usually allows children to recover faster.
  • ROSA’s™ brain mapping feature helps surgeons target areas on the brain with increased precision and accuracy.
  • Using ROSA™ even means that we don’t have to shave your child’s head for the surgery.
  • ROSA™ is minimally-invasive technology so there is less post-surgery pain and, therefore, fewer pain medications are needed.

How does ROSA™ work?

ROSA™ is a robotic surgical assistant, designed to increase the safety and reliability of various neurosurgical procedures. Much like a GPS in your car, ROSA™ assists in navigating the brain. It uses a console and a robotic arm to control the movement and positioning of tiny instruments to support a minimally invasive approach to surgery. ROSA’s™ computer brain and robotic arm work together under the neurosurgeon’s control. It does not replace the surgeon.

ROSA™ Procedures

ROSA Applications