Betty Irene Moore Children’s Heart Center

Whether your child has a simple heart condition or one that’s highly complex, you’ve come to the right place. We look forward to caring for your child and your family. Few heart centers offer every type of specialty and subspecialty heart care that’s available. We do. It’s part of the reason why heart doctors and parents from around the world partner with us for care.

We have more experience treating pediatric heart disorders than many hospitals in the country, and we are successful at repairing the most challenging heart defects, no matter how rare. We treat children of all ages, including young adults, and some of our treatments and surgeries are not available anywhere else in the world. Our Stanford spirit drives us to always improve and never give up. We collaborate, innovate, and think outside the box to help your child achieve as close to normal heart function as possible and pursue their life goals to the best of their ability.

Simply put, we go further for your child to give them the best shot at leading a happy, long life. 

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Caring for children from around the world

At Betty Irene Moore Children’s Heart Center at Stanford Medicine Children’s Health, we care for children from around the globe. Our young heart patients benefit from advanced patient-centered care, multidisciplinary research, and groundbreaking innovations. Learn more about why we’re the right provider to care for your child’s heart condition.

Betty Irene Moore Children's Heart Center Patient Stories

Why choose Stanford Medicine Children’s Health’s Heart Center for your child’s heart care

At Lucile Packard Children’s Hospital Stanford, we see patients with a wide range of heart conditions, but many of our heart patients are some of the sickest in the world. Despite the complexity of our patients’ heart disorders, our heart surgery outcomes are remarkable. Our cardiologists and heart surgeons have earned a reputation not only for caring for some of the most challenging heart patients but also for repairing heart defects in preemies and very low-birth-weight babies. And to some of our most medically complex patients, we offer another chance when they think they have none left. In other words, we’re helping improve children’s heart function and quality of life so that they can go back to being a child.

At Stanford Medicine Children’s Health, we blend research and innovations in everything we do to give every child with heart disease the best chance at a full life. By collaborating across our campus, we bring together great minds. We partner with Stanford Medicine researchers to design new studies or test our clinical observations, with engineers to create or repurpose new heart devices, and with computer scientists to develop heart models to better understand your child’s unique heart. Our collaboration is raw power for creating new and better solutions for treating heart disease.

Our heart care teams are not just specialized, they’re hyperspecialized. That way, your child receives care from someone with profound knowledge and experience in his or her particular heart condition. Our care spans the entire spectrum of heart disease, from fetal heart disorders to highly complicated congenital heart disease manifestations in young adults and adults. At Stanford Medicine Children’s Health, we see a large number of heart patients, and that’s one of the reasons why we have deep expertise in every heart condition, no matter how rare. We have experts in the following areas, among several others:

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Another aspect of our care approach that our patients and their families appreciate is that we don’t just care for a child’s heart. At Packard Children’s, we care for your child’s whole being, looking after other related medical issues, strengthening their body, and supporting them emotionally and even academically (for example, we offer in-hospital schooling for our heart transplant patients).