For Referring Providers

Referring a Patient

We have found that enrollment for the Pediatric Weight Control Program (PWCP) is more effective when families contact us directly. If you have a patient who you think may be eligible and is interested in our program, please have his/her parent contact us. Please note that both the child and parent must want to join the program and be committed to attending all of the 25 weekly sessions.

Cindy Zedeck, MA
Program Director
(650) 725-4424

For More Information

Please use the contact information above if you are a health care provider and would like to know more about the PWCP. You can also download our Pediatric Weight Control Program (PWCP) English flyer (PDF) or Pediatric Weight Control Program (PWCP) Spanish flyer (PDF) and distribute it or post it in your office to let patients know about our program. View the weight control program fees.