Research & Innovation

Our doctors are leaders in developing new non-surgical and surgical treatments for bone and soft tissue tumors. Because of this, our patients may have access to clinical trials that provide the latest care not yet available to the rest of the population.

Individualized treatment

This also means that your child will receive individualized treatment from some of the most innovative and creative professionals in the field. If your child has a rare tumor for which there is currently no standard treatment, having your child’s tumor genetically sequenced may help identify an existing drug to attack it.  Robert Steffner, MD, has published papers on topics such as benign bone tumors and limb-salvage techniques, Raffi S. Avedian, MD, has researched and published on topics ranging from bone sarcomas to best practices in using imaging technology, and Serena Hu, MD, has published widely on innovative spinal surgery techniques.

Latest technology

Our team also uses the latest technology to treat bone and soft tissue tumors. For example, our physicians were the first to use high-frequency focused ultrasound (HIFU) on pediatric desmoid tumors, a type of benign tumor. HIFU can focus sound waves from an ultrasound on a single location like a tumor to kill just the tumor while minimizing damage to the surrounding tissue.